Avalanches album update

Modular have been in touch and wanted to get some things straight…

“In breaking news, we have to apologise to all those hearts we broke last week when we joked that we’d rejected The Avalanches’ second album because it sounded rushed and that we’re sending them back into the studio. It caused much distress to expectant fans and we didn’t realize it would be picked up all over the place as a feature news story, basically the whole thing got a tad out of hand (although North Korea’s response did seem a little extreme). We gently rib the guys like this on a monthly basis to hurry them along but of course they’ll hand the record in when they’re good and ready, and to be honest if they handed in a tape of fart samples we’d put it out no questions asked. Anyways word is its not far off and according to those collaborators who’ve heard bits and bobs its sounding like everything we dared not hope for, and so much more. They’ve made the record of their lives basically. In the mean time prepare your self with a hot cup of valium for the sleepy, creepy wonkiness that is their remix of Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Fade Together’ available now on the single ‘Eleanor Put Your Boots On’.”

So there you go.

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