Return of the Rave?

According to the Guardian the police have reported a recent significant rise in the number of illegal “rave” parties being held in the UK. Akin to the famous raves of the late eighties and early nineties, police are now reportedly monitoring websites and phonelines believed to be guiding party goers to illegal gatherings.

The Guardian reports: “Officers are warning landowners and the public to be on their guard after receiving intelligence that large raves may be being planned for weekends in August, particularly over the bank holiday”. Apparently police in the South West fear that a particularly big gathering is being planned in Devon or Cornwall, while other police forces have reported using the Tories famous 1994 anti-rave legislation, or newer ASBO laws, to close down illegal parties.

The Guardian reckons the possible rebirth of rave culture may be a “rebellion against ‘chav culture'” which, some say, has taken over the once credible dance clubs. Others reckon that it might be a sign of a swing back towards dance music as those cool kids get bored with an indie heavy scene dominated by “the likes of Coldplay”. Or, of course, it might be that legitimate clubs and festivals are just getting too damn professional (and expensive) – parties of the shambolic, illegal and really quite dangerous nature often proving much more fun, especially if you’re so fucked on drugs you don’t notice all the bad stuff associated with such events. Either way, International DJ Clubs Editor confirms that: “Rave has been bubbling under since its heyday – every so often there’s a new influx of young people who get into it. This year there has been a huge rebirth.”

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