Fall Out Boy are back in the studio

Fall Out Boy have confirmed they are going back into the studio this month
to begin recording a new album – apparently they’ve already written 20 songs
for the next release.

Bassist Pete Wentz has told reporters that, actually, the band have been
ready to start recording for a few weeks now, but have suffered a few set
backs because of changes going on at their label in the US – Island/Def Jam.
Wentz: “We’ve been ready to record for about the last three weeks but …
there have been some changes at our label, [there has been] a little bit of
strangeness there. Half the phone numbers I have for people at the label
don’t have people on the other end of them anymore. It slowed us slightly,
but we’re getting back to speed”.

He said the band had hoped to get the new album out within the year, but
admitted that was looking less likely, saying: “We’d really love to do it,
but in order for us to…the turnaround time would be insane”. But he adds:
“there will definitely be a single out by year’s end”.

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