Bravery second album news

The Bravery have been speaking to about their upcoming second album. Speaking about producer Brendan O’Brien, who the band are currently working with in Atlanta, frontman Sam Endicott said: “He’s the champion of rock producers. He’s a personal hero of ours. Initially, I was going to do it myself but he’s done Rage Against The Machine and Bruce Springsteen, and you can’t fuck with that.”

He went on to say that a lot of material for the new long player has already been written, saying: “I wrote a lot on the Depeche Mode tour. At first it was really hard, but I got used to it. You’re just crammed into a corner of the bus with a coat over the amp between two people who are trying to sleep.”

He added that the new record will be something of a departure from their eponymous debut: “It’s pretty different across the board, more eclectic. There are dance, rock and slow songs. It’s more organic, less synthetic, with more acoustic instruments. We’re all better musicians now and we play better together.”

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