Thom Yorke on the music biz

Thom Yorke says he thinks that the music industry is falling apart in the face of technological developments. Radiohead, of course, have recently said that they are not pursuing a normal album deal with their original label Parlophone, and will instead seek one album deals, or release their work over the internet. Now York has told the Scotsman that the business is in a mess, and he isn’t going to try and help fix it. Well, that’s what I’m reading into it.

Yorke: “I’m not really into the idea of picking an enormous fight because I think the structure of the music business is in a state of collapse anyway. There’s no point in us trying to help. And it makes you sound really arrogant, like, ‘Yeah, we’re going to mess up the system.’ The system’s built us, so that would be a bit silly, wouldn’t it? The truth is that the traditional medium is still there, and you need it. When we have something, then we’ll find whatever seems the most appropriate way to put it out.”

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