Lemonheads: New album details

The Lemonheads have announced that they are to release their eighth album, ‘The Lemonheads’, on 25 September. It is, of course, the band’s first album in ten years. Evan Dando, who, as previously reported, has been working with drummer Bill Stevenson [Descendents, Black Flag] and bassist Karl Alvarez [Descendents] on the new long player, says: “you should listen to the Descendents’ ‘Milo Goes to College’ to get an idea of what the next Lemonheads record sounds like. I wanted to make a rock record, a melodic rock record. Also, I’m sick of selling solo T-shirts,” he adds.

The Lemonheads, as mentioned earlier, play at Somerset House this week. In the meantime, I’ve got a tracklisting for this new album. Do you want it? Do you? Oh, you know you want it, bad:

Black Gown
Become The Enemy
Let’s Just Laugh
Rule of Three
No Backbone
Baby’s Home
In Passing
Steve’s Boy

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