Jarvis Cocker solo track released on MySpace

Talking of things related to Live 8, Jarvis Cocker has released a new song via his MySpace page, and that’s probably the only place you’re going to hear it as it’s not exactly radio-friendly, containing, as it does, the use of the word ‘cunt’. I’m pretty sure we reported on his plans to release the track earlier on in the year, but I can’t find any trace of the report, so maybe I imagined it. But you’d think that I would remember that he was planning a song entitled ‘Running The World’ and featuring the lyric “cunts are still running the world”, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, it’s the first track he’s released under his own name, and you can hear it at myspace.com/jarvspace. On the page, he writes: “If all the technical bits and pieces are working properly then you should be able to hear a new song I’ve been working on I wanted you to hear it now cos it’s exactly one year since that Live 8 thing and it was the night of that event that I wrote this song.”

Summing up my thoughts on the matter, he continues: “I apologise for all the swearing but sometimes that’s the only thing that seems appropriate. It’s in no way a criticism of Geldof & co but I remember thinking at the time: ‘Where does engaging with these politicians/businessmen really get you?’ – (12 months on & the cunts still haven’t paid up as far as I can make out) – maybe the problem is something more … fundamental.”

He adds: “Anyway, what do I know? I’m just a pampered rock star – but at least I think it’s good to discuss this stuff. Don’t you?”

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