The Rapture talk on new album

The Rapture have revealed that their new album ‘Pieces Of The People We Love’ will be out on 4 September, preceded by a single release, ‘Get Myself Into It’ on 21 August. The band’s Vito Roccoforte told Pitchfork: “The last album was an eclectic record. I think this one is a little tighter. With ‘Echoes’, we really stretched out a lot and tried a bunch of different things. I think on this one, we didn’t limit ourselves, but we were able to take a lot of different influences and ideas and just tighten them up and, I feel, execute them a little better.”

On the album’s trio of producers – Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth and Ewan Pearson – Roccoforte added: “The producers are all really talented people. They were able to see things in it that you might not see. They were good filters for all the songs.”

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