Goldfrapp for Casino Royale?

According to the Daily Mirror, Goldfrapp are in talks to provide the theme for the new Bond film, ‘Casino Royale’. The musical director for the film, David Arnold, has, they report, been asked to select a band in line with the supposedly ‘edgiest’ Bond yet – the very-different-from-his-predecessors Daniel Craig.

Some source or other told the tabloid: “Alison and Will are absolutely thrilled. Nothing has been signed yet, but they’re the hot favourites. They’re a slightly cooler choice than you’d expect, but producers are determined to make ‘Casino Royale’ the edgiest Bond yet to appeal to younger people.”

Incidentally, mental Bond fans have been running a completely mental hate campaign to get Daniel Craig removed from the job. I just thought I’d mention it. Because I think it’s really mean.

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