Neil Young on his anti-war album

Neil Young has been talking to The Observer about his recent anti-war themed album ‘Living With War’, and what motivated him to release the long player. Young said: “A big part of what this record is about is just getting the information out there that Americans have a conscience about what’s happening, too. There’s a lot of people in America who didn’t want this war to happen, who just want to be able to express themselves about this situation, but for various reasons they are not being heard. In a way this record is not for me, it’s for them. My voice, and what I think as an individual, is much less important on this project. It’s the project itself that’s the important thing. It’s about making yourself heard.”

He admitted that, to begin with, he felt wary about the project, saying “for a while, you know, I didn’t feel it was my place. Being 60 years old,” but his feelings about the war began to override any of that. He continued: “We need a leader who’s more cautious, not so reckless with things they don’t understand. Other cultures need to be respected. Culture itself needs to be respected. I mean, I feel Saddam was bad and had to be overthrown, but are we smart or are we stupid? At this point in our evolution, with all the technology that we have, there has to be a better way of doing this than bombing a country into oblivion.”

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