PETA confront Beyonce in person

A couple of PETA members have been ejected from a New York restaurant after confronting Beyonce Knowles about her use of fur. The interesting thing is though – they were, in fact, invited to be there. The campaigners bid for, and won, the chance to have dinner with the singer, in an auction held by VH1 in aid of its Save The Music Foundation.

Once at dinner at the rather up-market eaterie, Nobu, they spent several minutes questioning Knowles about why she wears fur and why she allows it to be used by her fashion label, as well as trying to show the singer footage of animals being killed for their fur on a portable DVD player. According to reports, and a video-recording made by the PETA pair and obtained by US website, Beyonce maintained a complete silence whilst her mother and sister defended her. For a short period, obviously, because the activists were then asked to leave.

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