Ronnie Wood in rehab – Tour to go ahead

According to reports, Ronnie Wood is in rehab. The Rolling Stone apparently quit alcohol some time ago, following advice from his doctors, but has begun drinking again recently, provoking speculation that the band’s tour may be in further jeopardy, following the series of postponements forced by Keith Richards’ coconut tree incident in Fiji.

A ‘friend’ – a good one, clearly, if they’re prepared to talk to the tabloids – has apparently told The Sun: “Ronnie has fought a long battle with drink. He managed to keep his boozing down to a minimum while The
Stones were playing their American dates at the end of last year. The first gig in Boston was the first time he had played sober and without a cigarette for the first time in years. But he has started drinking again over the last few weeks and it has got out of control. The stress of worrying about his mate Keith has not helped.”

A spokesman for Wood has commented: “He needs some rest but he will definitely be fit for the first night of the European tour.”

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