Billy Bragg takes MySpace to task over licensing

Billy Bragg has spoken out against MySpace, and correspondingly, Rupert Murdoch, over claims that the Fox-owned networking site has the right to exploit music posted on band sites as it will. In a post entitled “Sorry there’s no music”, a representative of Bragg has written on the singer’s MySpace blog: “once an artist posts up any content (including songs), it then belongs to My Space (AKA Rupert Murdoch) and they can do what they want with it, throughout the world without paying the artist.”

Asked for comment on the issue, MySpace spokesman Jeff Berman responded, “Because the legalese has caused some confusion, we are at work revising it to make it very clear that MySpace is not seeking a license to do anything with an artist’s work other than allow it to be shared in the manner the artist intends. Obviously, we don’t own their music or do anything with it that they don’t want.”

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