Kylie back in the studio

According to the Sydney Sun-Herald, Kylie Minogue has returned to the studio for the first time since her cancer diagnosis in May last year. She apparently told the paper: “I’m still taking things slowly, but I’ve had a great week in the studio and things couldn’t be any better. It’s been a long, hard road to now but I’m feeling good and I want to get back into the swing of things.”

She is also said to have revealed that her illness had made her consider retiring altogether. “I have thought of retiring to a little house and giving it all up”, she said. “But I always look forward. I’m not a great believer in looking back. I’ve always lived in the moment I because I know more than most how things can suddenly drop from the sky and shake everything up.”

Asked if she wants kids, she answered: “Yes, I feel broody. It’s only natural. It hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will someday. Ollie is lovely. Our relationship has gone well from the beginning. I suppose it helps that he understands my career.”

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