Kylie Minogue strong tip for Glastonbury 2007

It looks as though Kylie Minogue has been booked to appear at Glastonbury 2007, after Michael Eavis revealed at the Ivor Novello awards on Thursday that he’s confirmed three headliners for the pyramid stage at next year’s event.

According to The Mirror, he said “Kylie is definitely going to be the Sunday night headliner. We want her to do all the stuff she did on her Showgirl tour with the fairies and the trapeze. She’s so Glastonbury. I’m worried it’s too early for her but she’s really keen. Her people said they don’t even need a contract – a handshake is enough.”

Although, to be honest, I’m not sure if that Mirror quote is actually what he said at the Ivor Novellos, or something he subsequently said directly to them. I might have been better informed on this had I made it to the Novello Awards myself, rather than coming back to the office because I had, and I quote, “too much work to do”.


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