Kaiser Chiefs Ricky Wilson hit by a car

Chief Kaiser Ricky Wilson was hit by a car whilst walking through his hometown of Leeds at the weekend. The incident itself sounds relatively serious, but the singer is apparently not badly hurt, suffering only from a broken toe and some bruising, according to a statement on the band’s website.

The statement explained that Wilson was legitimately making his way across a pedestrian crossing when the vehicle approached, and he was forced to jump to try and avoid it. He hit the windscreen, however, and “flipped over the top” of the car.

A spokeswoman for West Yorkshire Police confirmed that the hit and run incident occurred at around 10pm on Sunday in the Hyde Park area of Leeds and that Wilson was taken to Leeds Infirmary but released a short time later. “There’s not a lot of detail other than he was hit by a small car – that’s the only description anybody’s been able to give,” she added.

The band’s statement went on to say: “He would like all of you to know he’s OK. He’s the luckiest man alive, because he is still alive. It sounds daft, but a ‘Ricky trademark jump’ has probably saved his life. The jump meant he was flipped over the top of the car, hitting the windscreen, rather than getting trapped under it. He was crossing on a green pedestrian light.”

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