Babyshambles dropped by Rough Trade

Babyshambles have been dropped by Rough Trade, according to a report in The Independent – though that’s seemingly ‘dropped’ in the sense of ‘contract not renewed’.

The band released debut album ‘Down In Albion’ via the label in November of last year, following a series of delays. Rough Trade have denied claims that frontman Pete Doherty’s recent behaviour – specifically the incident at MTV in Germany when he squirted a syringe of his own blood at the camera – has precipitated the company’s decision to let the band go, and insist that their contract with the group has come to a “natural end”.

A source told the newspaper: “Rough Trade were in the process of renegotiating a deal, but the talks broke down because it just proved to be so difficult to deal with Pete and the people he surrounds himself with.”

A spokesman for Rough Trade said: “He doesn’t have a contract with us. We are obviously very fond of him, but at the moment we are not working with him.”

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