formally shut down

The High Court in London has formally closed down that controversial online ticket agency that went by the name but which should probably have been called Getmeoverpricedtickets-ifyou’

As previously reported, Getmetickets was criticised by punters, promoters and the media alike after it was accused of charging over the odds premiums on tickets for music, theatre and sports events, and for taking customers’ money even before it had confirmed access to the tickets it was selling. In total, some 360 complaints were made to trading standards officials about the service, which were on top of the many complaints received by TV show Watchdog, which ran an investigation into the service. Responding to those complaints, the Department Of Trade & Industry forced the company into liquidation back in February, a move which led to this week’s court hearing.

Deputy judge Robert Englehart, hearing the case, criticised the company for letting customers down by selling tickets it did not have access to, and for breaking rules regarding informing customers of the face value of the tickets they were buying. However, he did acknowledge that the company also had many happy customers.

He told the court: “Customer dissatisfaction was obviously widespread, although I certainly accept that the company did also have a number of customers who were perfectly happy with the service provided”. He added that the company’s MD Michael Rangos had said he was not worried by the bad publicity, explaining: “He maintained that, even where the company had been shown in a most unfavourable light by the press or in broadcasting media, the immediate consequence was an increase in the company’s sales.”

Consumer Minister Ian McCartney was more resolute in his contempt for, welcoming the ruling against the company as a clear sign that ticket agencies who mistreat customers can’t expect to get away with it. He said the ruling sent “a message to anyone low enough to prey on fans’ passion for music and sport events. I am determined to stamp out these rogues and protect consumers from losing their hard-earned cash”.

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