51st Eurovision Song Contest finals this weekend…

The 51st Eurovision Song Contest is this weekend, of course. Ahead of that though, the semi-final in which 23 countries will compete for 10 places in Saturday’s main event takes place tonight.

Just fourteen countries already have a place in the final – those that scored the most points last year, and France, Germany, Spain and the UK who get through automatically on the basis that they pay for it. As previously reported, Daz Sampson will represent the UK on Saturday with the track ‘Teenage Life’.

Following the semi-final performances tonight, a public vote throughout Europe, Turkey and Israel will be held via phone and text message to decide who gets the spare places in the final. Acts appearing include Finnish hard rock band Lordi, who, as previously reported, have been causing a bit of a stir in their native country, accused of devil worship, and the like.

Also Serbia-Montenegro withdrew from the contest after the two states failed to reach an agreement over allegations of cheating in judging of the contest to decide which act would go through to Eurovision.

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