Clor split

The only fairly recently formed (2004?) buzz band Clor have announced that they are to split, after releasing just one eponymous album.

A statement from the band’s manager said: “Clor, a band for whom musical differences surely seemed to be the whole point, have nonetheless succumbed to this hoariest of rock ‘n’ roll fates and decided not to be a pop group anymore. Unable to reconcile the yin and yang of wanting to be both wildly creative and chart-bothering, they will leave a big, uniquely CLOR-shaped hole in the all-too-generic world of guitar/electronic music. It is poignant that, as they split, Clor’s star is arguably at its zenith, with ‘Clor’ about to be released in America and their future work eagerly anticipated by anyone with a keen interest in new music. Still, they leave a jewel of album for future generations to discover among the land-fill and rock detritus of so many of their peers.”

On the planned direction of frontmen Barry Dobbin and Luke Smith, he added: “At the time of writing the future career paths of Dobbin and Smith are unclear, though both are likely to continue making music along their divergent routes.”

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