Tom Petty cancelling 500 tickets to ‘fans’

In the latest attempt by the music business to take on ticket touts, management for Tom Petty have announced they are cancelling 500 tickets allocated to fan club members after discovering some of those tickets being resold online at inflated prices.

Petty’ management and sales agency Ticketmaster suspect that some touts joined the singer’s fan club just to get access to the tickets with the intention of reselling them. In a bid to overcome that practice, the 500 tickets sold to fan club members will be reallocated, and this time fans will be asked to bring photo ID with them when picking their tickets up.

Petty’s manager Tony Dimitriades told reporters: “We don’t claim to have completely eliminated all reselling activity on these or any other shows. But this is definitely a step in the right direction and a major strike on behalf of the good guys.”

Whether any action will be taken against the people reselling the fan club tickets remains to be seen. Joining the fan club simply to sell on tickets at profit not only breaks the club’s own rules but is apparently against the law in the state of Minnesota where the gigs in question are taking place (though quite why the state of Minnesota has laws governing the joining of fan clubs with inappropriate commercial intentions, I’m not sure).

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