MIX CONTEST – New Song From Dance Band PEOPLE IN A BOX!

. After singles from their current album charted beside Kelly Clarkson, New Order, & Nine Inch Nails and were included on radio record pool compilations alongside Kylie Minogue, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, etc., People in a Box is back at it again with a hot new song and needs your help! We are inviting anyone who would like to make a mix to participate. This time around….

1st Place Winner will receive:
– Half the money generated from mp3 sales ($1 ea.)
– Their version will be serviced to CCM and Mainstream radio as the definitive version of PIB’s new song, “Since You’ve Been Gone”
– Their version will be serviced to approx. 25 dance music record pools
– An autographed copy of Find You Again plus PIB’s debut CD, Digital Ignition
– A press release to alert the public of the winner and the availability of the download

2nd Place:
-Will be serviced to the record pools as the alternate mix to consider for airplay
-Non-downloadable play via being one of the four mp3’s listenable at PIB’s Myspace page
-A mention in the press release regarding the winning mix

3rd and 4th Place:
Non-downloadable play via being one of the four mp3’s listenable at PIB’s Myspace page

All Other Entries:
If possible, they will loaded up at a different site (such as soundclick.com) so they may be heard (play-only, non-downloadable) and this availability announced at the PIB web site.

NOTE: One participant’s remix (during PIB’s fall 2004 “Take Me” remix contest) landed on Deepsink/Lowroof Record’s hit trance compilation, Osmotic Pressure AND on TM Century’s 28 Jan 2005 record pool disk serviced to numerous DJ’s and radio stations alongside Kylie Minogue and The Chemical Brothers. Further, it received airplay worldwide–including Medium rotation on XM Radio!

Your mix is due by 8pm (CST) on June 15th 2006. Also, your mix cannot be posted on the internet or used elsewhere without PIB permission, even if it is NOT chosen as first or second place. The remix material (vocal tracks, etc.) cannot be passed around without permission from People In A Box.

How to Participate:
From your primary email account, you will need to email peopleinaboxNOSPAM@mail.com (remove NOSPAM) your daytime phone number, alternate phone number, and alternate email address, City/State, and country (if other than US). Once received, you will be emailed the information to get started. More info on the band at www.peopleinabox.com. Thank you for your interest!

Special thanks to Jason Bean at =)Bnpositive Design (www.bnpositive.com) for contest audio files hosting and Brett and Kathleen Carnali for engineering!

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