The Dears announce new album

The Dears have revealed some details about their new album in a post on the band’s official MySpace page, (here). The record is entitled ‘Gang Of Losers’ and will be released sometime around the end of August, with a single expected in June.

The band’s Murray Lightburn wrote: “We are really proud and are very much looking forward to everyone playing the crap out of it. As clichéd as this may sound, it’s by far the ‘best work we’ve ever done.’ But seriously, it doesn’t sound like anything else and it’s pretty relentless. As (I think) we’ve mentioned before, it is somewhat of a stripped down, raw affair. There is French horn in 2 songs and saxophone in another. Though there is some mellotron-ny stuff, there are no real violins, violas or cellos. I guess that means that we’re no longer ‘orchestral’.”

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