A New Yorkshire, for Nothern bands’

Following the tremendous success of the Sheffield Band, ‘Arctic Monkeys’. A musician from Grenoside / High Green, is looking for more new bands to sign to a record label he set up himself after becoming frustrated with the music industry.

Rob Cohen, formed Spoonjuice Records in the latter stages of 2004 when friends and fellow musicians convinced him that the music he was making was good enough to get his band signed.

The lack of interest from a major record label led Rob Cohen to form his own, with help from his friends. Rob Said

“It’s a totally different ball game these days With the internet, my first foray into the music industry was in 1995 when we released a self funded single by a band I was part of, called Marmalade Sun. We put out and sold 1,000 copies of it but then the band split up after numerous Line up changes and the music scene really dropped off for guitar bands, I felt disheartened about the state of the music industry and hung up my guitar to gather dust, years later I started writing
just for myself in a more retrospective way!”

“A few people heard the music I was writing and told me that I should start a band with it, so I formed
‘Cohen and the Shatner’s Bassoon Band’ in 2003 as a response, which went down well live.”

“People kept asking why we hadn’t been signed, because they thought what we were doing was good enough and then someone suggested I set my own label up. I thought back to 1995 and realised that it was possible to do things like that yourself. Especially now with the rise of the internet, and MP3s To promote the music, which didn’t exist back in 95’
with alot of websites like? My Space popping up around the World Wide Web geared towards Getting unheard bands heard. There is a massive community of music lovers out There that have been fed up for a long time with the state of the industry, leaving A big gap in the market for something different, so Spoonjuice Records was formed in 2004.”

Rob and the Spoonjuice team signed six bands, all from Sheffield. And all very different in style.

Rob said: “We’re releasing our first official compilation CD on 6 June 2006 and it has two tracks from each of our six bands on it, 12 tracks in all. The aim is to hopefully give a platform to those six bands And make enough money to invest in more bands, and hopefully the seeds Will grow, into what Spoonjuice Records was set up to do! ”

“To be committed to releasing great music, made by people with No restrictions on them from us or themselves, and let them grow naturally!”.

“Unlike the big record companies in London, our bands will get half of the record sales and all the rest of the money will go straight back into the label, no one is taking any wages from it, we are hoping to put the money into funding CDs, Videos and a Website to promote the bands”

Rob now hopes that the CD release and subsequent publicity will unearth some more new Sheffield talent, there is definitely alot about.

He added: “We just want to improve and enlarge our roster of bands over The next year or so, with new and interesting Sheffield music. We’re not looking for any particular style of music, just something a bit different with an original sound”.

“The first 1,000 people that sign up to the www.newyorkshire.co.uk mailing list will get access to download their own free copy of the album to play on their MP3 players.”

“And I’d encourage people buy the CD and support Sheffield music, the more support we receive
the more Sheffield bands we can continue giving support to. Help us spread the word, and the music.”

Links to all the bands currently on the label can be found and heard through The link,



Rob Cohen
and the Spoonjuice Records Team.


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