Free Diamonds – There Should Be More Dancing

That Newcastle-based band Free Diamonds should find themselves signed to an indie label based in Texas somehow befits their very strange style – for the sake of argument, let’s call it art-punk – which quick riffs, force faux-American accents and songs that rarely break the two minute mark.

There are elements of Sweden’s Quit Your Dayjob here but they avoid the repetitive nature for that band with Buzzcocks and dEUS influences too.

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    BY now you either have a pretty clear picture of this band in your mind or you’ll be completely confused. What you need to know in either circumstance is that this album is good. The vocals are not going to be to everyone’s taste but if you can get on with them then you’ll be in for a treat.

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    Label: Deep Elm
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. International Gathering Of Champions
    2. The List Of Everyone
    3. Blind Boys
    4. Lovers Die Young
    5. The Day We Conquered
    6. M Is For Missing
    7. Modern Day Pirates
    8. Land Of Giants
    9. Cuban Heels, Cuban Deals
    10. What Part Of Free Diamonds Don’t You Understand?
    11. Like Giraffes
    12. Hearts In Clubs
    13. J.P.L.D
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