Does SonyBMG owe you some cash?

With SonyBMG midway through making its amends to North American customers who bought CDs that contained that much previously reported dodgy ‘rootkit’ copy-protection technology, the Electronic Frontier Foundation have announced they will be staging a promotional campaign to make sure that as many people as possible affected by the contaminated CDs claim their compensation – which includes some combination of a replacement CD, $7.50 cash or some free album downloads. EFF are worried some people will be unaware that the compensation is available, or that they bought a rootkit infected CD in the first place. Writing “it’s time for music fans who bought SonyBMG CDs loaded with harmful XCP or MediaMax copy protection to claim their settlement benefits,” EFF activist Derek Slater is encouraging blog and website owners to display EFF ads that tell music fans how to tell if they were affected and, if so, how to claim their compensation.


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