Inner Surge Releases Signals Screaming to Critical Acclaim

Toronto, ON – March 10, 2006 — Inner Surge is set to release their upcoming CD, Signals Screaming, on April 1st, 2006 through Cyclone Records.

With politically intense lyrics and a driving motivation, this release marks the next progression from this band that has turned heads with every release. With Signals Screaming, Inner Surge is breaking new ground and on the verge of breaking the international scene. Signals Screaming is now available for pre-order through their newly revamped website The first single, “Retribution Song”, has been selected to appear in the upcoming soundtrack for the independent horror film “Cabras”. Inner Surge was
the only Canadian band chosen for the soundtrack.

Also, the band has just completed a video shoot with Cabras director Fredy Polania of Polania Pictures and will be in rotation on MuchMusic as soon as post-production is complete. The video will be available for download at

What the Press has to say about Inner Surge and Signals Screaming:

Xtreme Productions calls Signals Screaming “one of the most essential metal albums of the year… a highly recommended listen” from one of the “few metal bands from Canada that will reach worldwide notoriety.”

Entertainmentnutz says “Inner Surge are quickly gaining steam and could burst out of the belly of the underground with this release.” calls Signals Screaming “modern day metal with an alternative metal edge in eleven tracks that will blow you away. Their style is quite different, yet satisfyingly familiar.” Inner Surge is “great musicianship that will leave listeners intrigued, and ultimately satisfied.” says “Political rockers Inner Surge have put out yet another hard hitting political rock album…. Signals Screaming puts out great music where it counts and will earn Inner Surge quite a bit of recognition well outside their home country of Canada.”

Running With Scissors Magazine calls Signals Screaming “a disc full of superb music, which will both captivate the listener and bludgeon him with intense, well written audio assaults. Possibly among one of the best exports that Canada has to offer.”

Martin McNeilly of says “Signals Screaming is a huge statement. It is saying that Inner Surge is here, and they are here to stay.”

SoundStreet believes that Signals Screaming will “undoubtedly reach top Canadian music charts from coast to coast.”

Canwest Metal reviews Signals Screaming and gives it an 88/100 by “one of Canada’s most promising and most modern-sounding metal bands out there today.”

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