Ivor Cutler RIP

Poet and musician Ivor Cutler, whose fans included The Beatles, Franz
Frontman Alex Kapranos and the legendary John Peel, has died at the age of
83. He appeared regularly on Peel’s radio shows, and was given a role in
Beatles flick Magical Mystery Tour. His album ‘Ludo’, produced by George
Martin, and originally released in 1967, was re-released in 1997 by

Cutler, who was born in Glasgow, and only began composing music at the
fairly mature age of 34, also wrote books and made radio programmes. A
member of the Noise Abatement Society and the Voluntary Euthanasia Society,
he attributed his creative bent to the displacement he felt in childhood
following the birth of his younger sibling, saying: “Without that I would
not have been so screwed up as I am, and therefore not as creative. Without
a kid brother I would have been quite dull.”

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