Yeah Yeah Yeahs talk about new album

Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been speaking about the new album, ‘Show Your Bones’,
which, as previously reported, is out on 27 March. Talking to, Karen O
explained that the creative process on the new LP had been tough, compared
to the more organic development of their first album, ‘Fever To Tell’.

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The singer said: “It was definitely a difficult thing. With ‘Fever To Tell’
we were writing songs and then immediately playing in front of audiences and
getting feedback and really developing them in front of other people. This
time it was like a pressure cooker, totally cut off from any sort of
influence. It was very terrifying, but it was actually really rewarding
because it was doing something different for us. We were trying to do
something new and new is always scary. We just scared the shit out of each
other, it was a dark and scary realm that we were going into – not that the
music was dark and scary it was just totally different. It was a difficult
act to pull off but we did, we got through it and we’re feeling pretty good
about it now.”

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