Damon Albarn’s new stage musical

Damon Albarn is writing a new stage musical which is set to premiere at
London’s National Theatre next year. The show is a collaboration between the
Blur frontman and award winning TV writer and playwright Roy Williams.

National Theatre director Nicholas Hytner says “the piece will be about the
diverse culture that is Ladbroke Grove and Notting Hill. Damon is one of the
most unique and inventive musicians of the moment. We introduced him to Roy
Williams and they discovered they had Ladbroke Grove in common. They have
been working on it for the past nine months and I have been absolutely
thrilled by the stuff they have been producing together.”

The yet to be named project is said to be the polar opposite of 1999 Richard
Curtis movie ‘Notting Hill’, which was criticized for ignoring the rougher
side of the area, as well as its multicultural facets. Hytner continued: “It
will allow Damon to develop his passionate interest in the many musical
styles that have emerged from Notting Hill over the past four decades.”


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