Instore wedding at Virgin Megastore

Just for Valentines day…

A couple who met during Radiohead’s 2003 set at Glastonbury have married at
the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street. Gary Means and Shara Hayes, who live
in Hackney, won a competition to hold their wedding at the shop and be
married by a ‘rock vicar’ dressed all in leather.

No great surprise, then, that Ms Hayes’ parents weren’t thrilled by the idea
of the instore wedding and decided not to attend. The bride didn’t seem too
bothered, though, telling reporters: “At the end of the day, this is
something you don’t get to do very often and you’ve just got to go for it,
whether they come or not.”

Organisers claim that it was the first marriage-in-a-music-shop to take
place in the UK.

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