Spice Girls reform?

The Sun claims that The Spice Girls are to reform, albeit minus Mel C, to
play a reunion tour in November. A few months ago I’d’ve said there was no
way this could be true, but given that Pink Floyd Live 8 performance, the
Take That reunion tour, the Split Enz reunion tour, and the fact that All
Saints are reforming, I’m almost prepared to entertain the notion.

There’s been a lot of speculation, of late, that it would happen of course,
and now the tabloid says that the girls will get back together next year,
although they will not be joined by Melanie Chisholm, who, it’s said, is
unhappy with the idea, especially as she is still doggedly pursuing a solo
career (and so she ought; she’s not bad at all).

Anyway, this mythical or otherwise tour is allegedly set to include between
ten and twelve dates, and will be followed by a Greatest Hits album (didn’t
they do that already?) and a DVD.


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