Grandaddy announce split

According to, Grandaddy have split up, although
a final album – ‘Just Like The Fambly Cat’ – will be released later in the

Frontman Jason Lytle said: “It was inevitable. There’s a path that we’re
on…we rode it out for as long as we could. On one hand our stubbornness
has paid off, but on the other hand refusing to buy into the way things are
traditionally supposed to be done has made things worse for us. The
realistic part is it hasn’t proved to be a huge money-making venture for a
lot of guys in the band. We’ve been doing this for a long time and you have
to ask yourself ‘Why am I beating myself up like this?’…week after week,
month after month, year after year.”

He continued by describing how the band had made the decision to split: “We
structured a little meeting to make it real. We got together one day in a
place downtown where we wouldn’t be bothered and had it out not knowing if
it was gonna end. There was a lot of frustration in varying degrees, and a
lot of it was built up from lack of communication. We had the opportunity to
get it out into the open and come to terms with the fact that we gave it a
pretty good go. We had witnessed the best it could be.”

And concluded: “It’s awkward right now…but it was far from throwing blows.
It was kind of sad, because we knew it would be the last time we would hang
out in that situation, so we dragged it out as long as we could!”


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