Ween cover Velvet Underground

Weezer’s Brian Bell and Patrick Wilson have recorded a cover of the classic
Velvet Underground track ‘Heroin’ to feature in upcoming Edie Sedgwick
biopic ‘Factory Girl’.

Bell said on the band’s official website: “Working on this project with Pat
was a blast. There was no premeditated plan, no rehearsal, there was barely
even a discussion of how to approach this seven-minute ride.”

He added: “My reservation going into this was that no matter how good it
turned out, criticism would soon follow. You can’t attempt a rock classic
(especially a cult band like the Velvets) and not get a few sneers. But the
important thing here is that maybe we might help turn a new generation on to
this amazing art rock band and change the perspectives of a few unknowing
listeners. If your music has steered too far from the aesthetic of The
Velvet Underground you have to ask yourself, ‘What the hell am I trying to


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