Foo Fighters acoustic tour

Foo Fighters have revealed they’re planning to tour the acoustic bits of
recent double album ‘In Your Honor’, but dates are yet to be confirmed,
according to MTV.

Drummer Taylor Hawkins said: “We told everybody we’re gonna do some acoustic
touring, so I guess we’d better. Instead of going out there and sweating my
butt off every night, I’ll be playing with my brushes quietly and stuff. I
think it’ll be good for us, though, as musicians, to go out and explore that

Hawkins also spoke about the release of the band’s next single, ‘No Way
Back’ on 13 Mar: “We might do one of those Bon Jovi-on-the-road videos
(where) you’re sitting in the private jet. You know, before we go onstage,
all slow motion. I just remember those videos back in the ’80s. Bon Jovi’s
sitting on his private jet, (thinking) ‘I miss my mansion.’ Sorry, Bon. Got
no beef with you. Like your videos. We’re gonna rip them off.”

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