Oasis EP planned for summer

According to NME.com, Oasis are planning to release an EP this summer, because there’s a track left over from the ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ sessions that Liam wanted to include on the album.

Noel told NME: “Liam’s got this tune that’s left over from the sessions called ‘The Boy With The Blues’, which he got in a right fucking arse about and it could’ve been on the record. We’ve got all of January off – so I’d like to go back into the studio to add a bit more to it.”

Calling the track “catchy as fuck”, Gallagher continued: “There’s not much of a chorus to speak of, which is why it didn’t go on the album. [Producer] Dave Sardy was like, ‘It needs a chorus’. But it’s got this change at the end where the words go: ‘Come all together/If we come all together/We’ll come all together for you’. The lyrics alone sound like it’s ‘Come Together’ but it doesn’t sound anything like that. It’s a bit like Spiritualized, y’know, when they do that gospel thing. The bulk of the song is only about three minutes long but the outro could go on forever, really.”

All that said, Noel hasn’t shared his plan with the rest of the band yet. He continued: “I haven’t spoken to Liam about this. This’ll be the first he hears of it when he reads it now and he’ll be like, ‘What the fuck are you on about?’ I’d like to put it out as a one-off single, ‘cos if we spend January recording and mixing it, it could be out for the summer.”


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