Maximo Park second album update

According to Gigwise, Maximo Park have been writing songs for a second album and plan to get into the studio from March to work on them. Frontman Paul Smith said: “You don’t stop writing when you’re on the road, even though you’re not in control of whatever comes out of your mind! Whether it be translating through your instrument or through words, you find a way of doing it. We’ll probably set aside a month in March to play the songs as five people and get a group sound; then another couple of months to record and mix.”

He continued: “We’ll probably move on producer-wise [from Paul Epworth] because we want to work with as many people as possible and try and enrich our sound. I think the feel for this next record will be different; it will be five people playing in a room whereas the first record was five people on a stage – playing in pubs and a small practice room produces a claustrophobia that comes across on the record. But you move on as people – we have different musical goals. Personally, I think we made a great record but now I want to make one that’s even better.”

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