New Blur album on the cards

Blur bassist Alex James has told 6Music that his group are planning to head into the studio shortly to start work on a new album, but added that working together with the band isn’t always a picnic. “It’s like a family and you all get together before Christmas and it’s great to see everybody,” he said “and then after Christmas, Christmas being an album and the album making process this time, and after the album, you’re like ‘see you next time!’ through gritted teeth.”

James is currently working on a project with Alison Clarkson, aka Betty Boo, and revealed that he has a rock musical project in the pipeline. He said: “I’ve been talking to Steven Berkoff about turning one of his plays East into a rock musical. It’s a fantastic piece of work. He wrote it 25 years ago and it’s just so bright and fresh still. I’d love to get involved with that.”


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