New Libertines book and Dirty Pretty Things release planned

A new book all about those crazy Libertines is to be published next year. ‘The Libertines: Bound Together’ claims to tell the story “Of Pete Doherty And Carl Barat And How They Changed British Culture.” The two authors, Anthony Thornton and Roger Sargent, hung around with the band, making friends and taking photos right from the start, apparently, so a fairly definitive story is expected when the book is released on 23 Feb.

Whether they can substantiate this rather grandiose claim that The Libertines ‘changed British culture’ remains to be seen.

And speaking of Libertines, Carl Barat’s new band Dirty Pretty Things have been at work recording their first album in Los Angeles since November, and things are apparently moving pretty quickly. The band, which, as you remember, features former Cooper Temple Clause bassist Didz Hammond, are working with producer Dave Sardy, who has worked previously with Jet and Oasis. Barat has confirmed his location, and that the group already have seven songs finished. A source added: “He’s going to be out there until Christmas and the plan is to have it finished by then. It’s early days, but there’s a chance the album could be out in the spring if the sessions go well. From what I’ve heard seven songs are done already. Some demos are in circulation amongst close friends.”

Hang on a minute though. Are they keeping that name? What about that band that were already performing with the name Dirty Pretty Things? What happened to them? I demand to know.

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