Association Of Independent Music to announce Podcast licensing deal

The digital bit of the Association Of Independent Music will today launch a pilot for a new licence which would enable podcasters around the world to use tracks from the indie labels AIM represents.

As previously reported, the use of music in podcasts has so far been a bit of a grey area, with most of the podcasts coming out of legitimate media organisations either avoiding the inclusion of music content (eg Virgin Radio), or including music specifically cleared with the relevant record label for the venture (eg Xfm). The new licence from AIM means podcasters will be able to include music from a whole string of independent labels (ie those AIM members who sign up to the new licence scheme) without having to get specific clearance for each track. Given that, as we understand it, the existing PRS-MCPS online licence covers podcasting, that means UK media companies will be able to podcast shows filled with indie music totally legally, providing they can afford to pay the two licence fees.

If podcasting really does take off after all the hype that surrounded the medium when iTunes added podcast functionality earlier this year, the new licence may prove to be a clever move by AIM, encouraging podcasters to programme primarily independent music while the majors catch up with the new

Commenting on the new podcast licence, AIM boss Alison Wenham told CMU: “Music from AIM’s member labels will now be available to podcasters without the fear of operating illegally. In the absence of an industry wide scheme, AIM has moved to fill the current void, and has created attractive licensing conditions for the use of music from the independent sector of the UK. We believe there will be huge global demand for the AIM podcast licence”.


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