Gods Of Electricity

Gods Of Electricity have revealed details of their debut album of electronic soundscape explorations called ‘Sundiving’. The sublime alliance of drone, dissonance and beat.

Faith Strange Recordings have just released the full length CD which contains 5 new tracks:

01. Clouds Of Granite In A Clearing Sky (in 3 movements)
02. The Whole Electric City In Front Of Us
03. Slick-o-phonic
04. The Sound You Make When You Reach For Tomorrow
05. Sundiving

Gods Of Electricity is the brainchild of ambient guitarist/synthesist Mike Fazio from Orchestramaxfieldparrish and Thomas Hamlin from Black 47. Both members have played with funk/prog artrockers Chill Faction as well as have an extended catalog of works both together as well as with other NY left field artists.

This first limited pressing includes a color postcard signed by the band members.

This music will appeal to listeners of ClockDVA, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Coil, Fripp & Eno, Jade Warrior, Bill Nelson and to any serious listener of electronic soundscapes.

Sundiving is available direct through Faith Strange as well as through SystemicAudio.com, CD Baby and as in MP3 downloads through Tradebit. Other on-line distribution including iTunes will be announced shortly.

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The synthetic dream foundation – new album

The synthetic dream foundation
has just released their new, debut album on the dark and experimental music label Mythical records. The album is a montage of dark classical music, darkwave, electro industrial, and psytrance. It features guest vocals by scene giants like Summer Bowman (The machine in the garden), Hannah fury, Tamara kent, and Aaminah kerdelen. This band has been making waves in the scene with their club hits “Assiki : divine messenger” on the cyberlab 5.0 comp and their hit “plasma ring” released on Twisted records. This is the first opportunity for fans of the band to own a complete album of the project’s seminal work. More info is at their website.

Merry Christmas from Betweenplanets

Betweenplanets would like to thank all the great people who have contributed reviews, music, tickets and more to the site over the past twelve months. Wishing you all a marvelous Christmas and a super New Year.

Things are going to slow down a little here as a well deserved holiday is taken. Betweenplanets will return after New Year with more news and reviews.

Chicken Legs Weaver announce gig

Clearly the best band the UK has produced in a while” – Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth
Awesomely deranged punk-blues trio” – The Guardian

Now signed to Riverside Records they have a debut album out March 2006. Music publishing by Bug Music

See for yourself: you are invited to Chicken Legs Weaver’s London show

Thursday 19th January

The Spitz
109 Commercial St, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1 6BG
020 7392 9032 –
band onstage 8.30pm


Pixies release new live album as MP3

Pixies are getting in on the act with a double live album featuring performances from the reunion tours of 2004 and 2005, already available on emusic, and scheduled to be available on iTunes from 3 Jan. The album, which contains twenty eight tracks selected from gigs in different locations throughout the world, will not see a physical release. There’s a tracklisting. D’you want to read it? Oh, okay. Here you go.

‘Disc’ One:

    Planet of Sound (Manchester 30 Aug 2005)
    Debaser (Norfolk, Virginia – 6 Dec 2004)
    Gouge Away (New York – 16 Feb 2004)
    Ed Is Dead (Washington DC – 13 Jun 2005)
    Bone Machine (Cleveland, Ohio – 8 Jun 2005)
    No. 13 Baby (Leeds – 27 Aug 2005)
    Holiday Song (Raleigh, North Carolina – 12 Jun 2005)
    I Bleed (London – 2 Jun 2004)
    Is She Weird? (Leeds – 27 Aug 2005)
    Caribou (New York – 12 Dec 2004)
    Crackity Jones (Norfolk, Virginia – 6 Dec)
    Something Against You (Washington, DC – 7 Dec 2004)
    Into the White (Raleigh, North Carolina – 12 Jun 2005)
    Dead (New York – 11 Dec 2005)

‘Disc’ Two:

    La La Love You (Los Angeles – 2 Jun 2005)
    Cactus (Edinburgh – 28 Aug 2005)
    Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) (Indianapolis, Indiana – 7 Jun 2005)
    Mr. Grieves (Indianapolis, Indiana – 7 Jun 2005)
    Nimrods Son (Washington DC – 8 Dec 2004)
    Subbacultcha (Leeds – 27 Aug 2005)
    Monkey Gone to Heaven (Denver, Colorado – 5 Jun 2005)
    Velouria (Toronto – 9 Jul 2005)
    Wave Of Mutilation (San Francisco – 30 May 2005)
    U-Mass (Boston – 9 Dec 2004)
    Here Comes Your Man (Newport, Rhode Island – 6 Aug 2005)
    Hey (Dublin – 23 Aug 2005)
    Vamos (Washington, DC – 7 Dec 2004)