New Outcast album in February

Outkast are to release their next album, ‘Idlewild’ in February, but it’s not just their new album, it’s the soundtrack to the duo’s feature film appearance. The new movie, set in the Deep South during the depression, follows the story of two characters played by Andre 3000 and Big Boi. Speaking to Rolling Stone about the new album, Big Boi said: “It’s not your typical soundtrack where you have a lot of different artists. It’s me and Dre, and Organized Noize doing the production. Sleepy Brown is on the album, a new artist, Janelle Monae and then me and Dre. It’s crazy.”

The album was originally set for release in December but will now be out in the new year because the pair were having trouble deciding which track should get the first single release. Big Boi explained: “There are four songs that we really love and we just want to make sure we pick the right one to come out first. The potential singles are ‘The Train’, ‘Idlewild Blues’, ‘Foot On The Gas’ and ‘Cock-A Doodle-Do’.”


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