New Order play Oakwood High School

A school in Salford celebrated getting a good OFSTED report by, erm, staging a New Order gig for its staff and pupils. I don’t remember that ever happening at my school. Though to be fair, I don’t think you had OFSTED reports in those days.

Anyway, the head teacher of Oakwood High School, a Salford based school aimed at young people with learning difficulties which specialises in arts, technology and music, invited the band, who come from that area of Manchester, to play at her school following the good OFSTED report. That gig took place on Friday and, from what we hear, was a glowing success.

Afterwards Bernard Sumner told reporters: “Probably half the kids didn’t know who we were.
It was still brilliant. We came to make people feel special, but they made us feel special. Creativity wasn’t big when me and Hooky were at school in Salford.”

Head teacher Janis Triska told The Guardian after the show: “It’s been fabulous. I can’t begin to describe what’s happened. The children have had a whale of a time and it’s so richly deserved for them and the staff who have worked equally as hard for the Ofsted inspection. The roadies are coming back in to do a talk to Year 10 and 12 about jobs in the industry and Bernie said he’d be coming back. The kids might not have known who they were before, but they all certainly do now.”


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