Make sure you get the free Arctic Monkeys MP3’s

Fans of Arctic Monkeys are being warned not to go buying music online that they can get for free. reports that people have been collecting together Arctic Monkeys studio demos which the band have made freely available to download, and are then burning them to a CD and attempting to flog them as unofficial albums via such sites as eBay.

A spokesperson from their label says: “Domino will endeavour to halt the blatant ripping off of fans by those who cobble together freely available Arctic Monkeys music on the net and sell it for profit. In practise this mainly involves us manually removing these perpetrators on an individual basis from sites such as eBay.”

A spokesperson for eBay also chipped in, saying: “I urge fans to download these songs from the Arctic Monkeys website. We remove bootlegs as soon as we’re made aware of them. As there’s three million items live at any time in the UK we’d urge people to let us know if they find anything they’re not happy with.”


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