Live DVD due from Macy Gray

It’s funny this news should come up now, because I was thinking about Macy Gray yesterday for the first time in months, nay, years. Ms Gray is set to release her first live DVD on 21 Nov. Entitled ‘Live In Las Vegas’ it features a 2004 performance by the singer at House Of Blues in, er, Las Vegas.

She sings the following songs:

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    Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak
    When I See You Again
    Relating To A Psychopath
    Dont Come Around
    Why Didn’t You Call Me
    Things That Made Me Change
    Hey, Young World – Part 2
    I’ve Committed Murder
    Do Something
    Sexual Revolution
    I Try
    Sweet Baby
    She Aint Right For You
    I Can’t Wait To Meetchu


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