Hundred Reasons release new single and album and announce tour

Gold-selling heroes of British rock Hundred Reasons return to the fold with a brand new single, an intimate tour and an exclusive competition.

Since signing to V2 (Bloc Party, Elbow, The Rakes, Stereophonics and Paul Weller) earlier this year; Hundred Reasons have been busy writing and recording material for their third album. Guitarist Larry Hibbitt has been producing the record at Kore Studios London and is currently in LA with famed producer Dave Sardy (Oasis, Rolling Stones and previous Hundred Reasons album) completing the mixing.

The first fruits of this record will be a limited edition single release (the third installment in the band’s Singles Club series) which is initially only available to fans that come to the now sold out Kerrang! sponsored ‘Most Wanted’ tour in December.

This release is unique in that Hundred Reasons are offering fans an exclusive chance to appear on the single alongside them and support band Brigade by submitting tracks via MySpace. Bands have to have a MySpace account to enter the competition and by adding Hundred Reasons as a friend at, leaving a link to their own band’s page and the track they want to put forward they are in with a chance to have their single released with Hundred Reasons. The winner will be chosen by the band. The single will also be made available for download after the Barfly tour has ended.

The Singles Club has been really successful in the past with Singles Club 2 mailed to over 20,000 people via the band’s website.


“The next album is shaping up to be one angry bastard of a rock record, the product of a very frustrating twelve months. We can’t wait to get it released and for us to get back on tour where we belong.” – Larry Hibbitt.

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