Lemmy joins the Tories for anti-drug message

Lemmy – yes, he of Motorhead – will today team up with an unlikely partner, a Tory member of Wales’ National Assembly,
to deliver an anti-drugs message. Lemmy is in Cardiff today to play a Motorhead gig this evening, but this afternoon he will share a stage with Welsh politician William Graham as part of an anti-drugs campaign.

Graham says he asked the Motorhead man to take part in the anti-drugs project after watching him discuss his loathing for heroin on a Channel 4 documentary. Given his life story, the politician decided the rock star would make a much more credible spokesman for the anti-drugs movement than
any politician, and he might possibly be right.

Graham told reporters: “Frankly, young people are more likely to listen to him. Lemmy is taking it incredibly seriously, and his manager says he is writing a speech. It is a powerful message, delivered with all the understanding gained from the unique lifestyle Lemmy has pursued. It is a
view of life that deserves wider consideration”.

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