Dylan’s ’67 Newport Folk Festival DVD to be released

Bob Dylan’s notorious 1967 appearance at the Newport Folk Festival is to become available on DVD due to its inclusion in the ‘Festival!’ documentary
shot by Murray Lerner. The documentary, which also features performances by Joan Baez, Donovan, Peter, Paul & Mary and Johnny Cash, is finally getting a DVD release, although as yet no official date has been set.

Dylan’s performance that year was famous because it was the first time he performed with an electric guitar, backed by rock musicians, a move that
aroused the derision and displeasure of the folk-loving crowd. Murray Lerner recently told Billboard that other musicians, as well as the fans, were
upset by Dylan’s performance that day.

Lerner said: “Pete Seeger said he was upset because of the sound quality. Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul & Mary) was worried – I have other scenes of
Peter where he’s all rattled and asked the crowd to call Bobby back to play a ‘normal’ set. I think he was worried that it was something so new that
crowd didn’t get it. They probably didn’t get it; I think they were stunned.”


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