Sweet Billy Pilgrim

Catalogue Number: WLMCD002
nick@wonderlandmedia.net / 01296 631003 / 07775 726821
Distributor: Proper Music Distribution
Simon@proper.uk.com /020 8676
Somewhere between the earthy and the ethereal, Sweet Billy Pilgrim scrape strings and tap away at laptops trying to make beautiful things.

The debut single ‘Experience’ was quickly distributed amongst the devoted and has now sold out. Their second release, the ‘Stars Spill Out Of Cups EP’ has done much the same. Whispers regarding Sweet Billy Pilgrim can now clearly be heard all over the internet (Google the name), and the response to their freely available mp3s has been nothing short of staggering; the most recent – ‘Forget to Breathe’ – amassing over 3000 downloads in 3 weeks.

They’ve also turned careful hands to remixing, most notably ‘bringing a fierce pop quality’ to David Sylvian’s ‘The Heart Knows Better’ for his recent ‘The Good Son vs. the Only Daughter – The Blemish Remixes’ project.

“We Just Did What Happened, and No One Came;” is a collection of songs recorded in a warm shed where hope floats and faith taps at the door, sometimes a little too quietly to hear. They say it’s time someone made a dignified record of late nights and bruises. In D minor. So that’s what they’ve done.

What some people have said so far:

“Like James Yorkston with more edge.” – High Voltage

“Beautiful, just beautiful. If these tracks are anything to go by then I can only hope great things are going to happen. I think you’ll agree it’s sublime.” – Spoilt Victorian Child

“It’s somewhere between ‘Peace at Last’ period Blue Nile, some twists of latter day King Crimson and a nudge of Elbow.” – Kelvin Hayes (Buzz Magazine)

” A world away from the check shirt by numbers alt-country scene, this is great songwriting and spellbinding arrangements, beautifully played and sung. Enchanting stuff, very highly recommended.” – Boomkat

“A lifetime’s career may be built upon an original, convincing viewpoint. Stars Spill Out Of Cups suggests that they might be one of those relatively rare bands capable of achieving this.” – Colin Buttimer (The Milk Factory)

“What I will say is that Stars Spill Out of Cups is by quite a margin the best single I have heard this year.” – Tasty Fanzine

“I’ve already mentioned [Stars Spill Out of Cups], but even though I already loved it then, it’s only grown in my estimation since.” – Ian Mathers (Stylus Magazine)

All the dying and all the waiting make a man try to sit up straighter.” From the song ‘Sweet Billy Pilgrim.’



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