Reading Festival future secured

The Reading Evening Post has reported that Mean Fiddler has purchased for an estimated £3m Little John Farm, the site of the Carling Reading Festival, securing the future of the festival against any possible problems from new owners. Presumably, the WOMAD festival that uses the same site every year will also continue.

What Mean Fiddler are going to do with the 127 Acres of farm land for the 11 months of the year that the festival isn’t on is a mystery; they are unlikely to put on any other festivals as locals from the Warren (those expensive properties across the river Thames from the festival) would strongly object.

An exciting possiblity is that some better site facilities could be put in place to support the 60,000-odd punters who descend on Reading every year.

ps – If you get any grief from locals about the festival you can point out that it pumps £7m into the local economy and provides an additional 2000 jobs for the very brief time it is here. At your discretion you may also point out what miserable kiljoys they are.

Tickets for The Carling Reading Festival 2006 can be purchased from


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